Sugar Addict Lives Here!

January- SUCCESS. February- FAILURE! March – SUCCESS. April…? I’m choosing success. March was a doozie with some unexpected work changes that lead to a ton of travel, but for the most part, I crushed my goals. The ones I didn’t complete were the ones that really meant the most and woud have taken the most time. So those will move to April. To check up … Continue reading Sugar Addict Lives Here!

February- An (almost) complete failure!

50% completion is a failure in almost any case that I’m aware of. And that’s exactly what I scored on my personal goals for the month. Let’s tally it up: Learn how to write a blog – PASS (I guess) – I even wrote a blog about writting a blog. Complete photography class- PASS (yay!!) Complete videography class – FAIL (but I did watch some … Continue reading February- An (almost) complete failure!