About Me and Contact

My Life:

My name is Jamey Shirah and I am on a mission to give as much information about the subjects I enjoy to anyone who wants to read, watch and listen. I have an insatiable appetite for doing new things and hopefully, I can distill some information of value for people reading this blog. If you want to change your life, you’ve got to GO, DO and GROW!

My Why:

The goal of writing this information is to understand why I go and do things and other people don’t and to hopefully help people GET MOVING! I am (obviously) not sponsored by any products I post on this blog and if I one day am, I will only post things that I truly believe in! I want to help you be better.

My Work:

My main job(s) include being an owner in and the CMO of South Capital Partners, an asset management company my brother and I own, that manages/partially owns The Ivy Buckhead, The Valentine Nashville, The Southern Kitchen & Bar and The Family Dog. I have invested in and helped to build other companies such as Kill Cliff, Bamwire, Vida-Flo (of which I also own a couple of locations) and recently helped start an outdoor Video Production Company, “Make It Happen!” to which our tagline is “Find a Way or Find an Excuse.”

My Fun:

My interests are all over the place, but mostly include being outdoors, hunting, BJJ, Paragliding, Cooking and Fitness/Running/Triathlon and the Georgia Bulldogs (alma mater). I have Boykin Spaniel named Charlotte. My other half (the more important one) is Amanda Sabulski.

As you will see, I believe the difference in making changes in your life all start with a simple word: DO. Start now. Do not Wait. Carpe that Diem. GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Email me for any interest in collaborations, media inquiries or if you have questions. Contact form is below!