Quit Tomorrow

‘Not today, not now. But tomorrow, you can quit. And then when the sun rises tomorrow, you can quit the following day. Take this mentality into anything that you do.’ This was the message that Rob O’Neil gave us at an incredible skeet shooting fundraiser held at the Nashville Gun Club benefit Special Operations Charities. I had the pleasure of meeting Rob, along with Charlie … Continue reading Quit Tomorrow

Your 5 books for growth!

Last week while in one of my manager’s meetings, one of the managers asked me if I had any podcast, books, Netflix, etc. recommendations that he could devour to help him continue down his path of growth. And sitting there, I realized I was not using one of the BIGGEST tools I have to spread this information. A tool that was legitimately created to share … Continue reading Your 5 books for growth!

80/20 Rule- USE IT!

NO- we aren’t talking about dieting. But as you will see, we could be. As with most of these posts, this one comes from a tool that I use and talk about ad nauseam to my team members and employees so I’m now putting it out for everyone here! It will be quick and dirty, but can legitimately change the way in which you set … Continue reading 80/20 Rule- USE IT!

Meditation is for LOSERS!

Indulge me for a second…Close your eyes while breathing. Count your in-breath for 6 second and then count your out-breath for 6 seconds. Repeat this 5 times. Ready? GO! You just meditated for 1 minute. (WHAT? GASP!) When I first was introduced to daily mediation, I was probably just like you. My mind conjured up thoughts of hippy-esque dressed old people sitting in a room … Continue reading Meditation is for LOSERS!

You (press) Snooze, you certainly lose…

Sorry for that title. I couldn’t help myself. I wish I could take a poll on here- How many different snooze alarms do you have on your phone right now? Does it look like this one to the right? I would guess at least 3. There are some people I’ve seen with 20, 30 or hell, one for every five minutes for 3 hours. Why … Continue reading You (press) Snooze, you certainly lose…