A December to Remember

Growth mode engaged. That’s right, while everyone else is living this blur of time I’ll call “ThanksMastYears,” you can begin preparing for 2021 now. It’s time to make this a December to Remember. Sure, you’ve pledged nights, dollars and most importantly, time to different engagements, but why can’t you begin working on those changes today? For me, the reason why I fall short on goals … Continue reading A December to Remember

7 Tips for Consistency During Chaos

We’ve all had to make significant changes to our lives over the last several month whether we wanted to or not. It seems our lives have been upended (for most of us small business owners, it has come to a screeching halt), and we’re beginning to settle in new norm- the post COVID life. As most of you know, I own restaurants, who have been … Continue reading 7 Tips for Consistency During Chaos

Failure Aftermath

Part 2 of a 2-part blog on failure. So, you’ve failed. You’re looking at the fallout associated with that and trying to decide how to move forward. Obvisouly there will be a great deal of headache associated with the aftermath, but this is where all the good stuff lies. All the mistakes you made, bad decisions, wrong turns, and overectensions are all incredible learning opportunies. … Continue reading Failure Aftermath