Alright, this one is relatively trivial, and most people know how to take notes, right? Unfortunately, no, they don’t. It’s either because they don’t know how or they don’t care to. And either of those are bad. You would be surprised at how many people I take a meeting with, provide coaching to, or help flesh out an idea with that don’t come with a … Continue reading Hey, TAKE NOTE!

Sugar Addict Lives Here!

January- SUCCESS. February- FAILURE! March – SUCCESS. April…? I’m choosing success. March was a doozie with some unexpected work changes that lead to a ton of travel, but for the most part, I crushed my goals. The ones I didn’t complete were the ones that really meant the most and woud have taken the most time. So those will move to April. To check up … Continue reading Sugar Addict Lives Here!

February- An (almost) complete failure!

50% completion is a failure in almost any case that I’m aware of. And that’s exactly what I scored on my personal goals for the month. Let’s tally it up: Learn how to write a blog – PASS (I guess) – I even wrote a blog about writting a blog. Complete photography class- PASS (yay!!) Complete videography class – FAIL (but I did watch some … Continue reading February- An (almost) complete failure!

Goals – The Fuel for Doing Things

Since this entire blog is dedicated to showing you all how I “do things,” I figured it would make sense and go ahead and put this one out there. Like everything in life, if you’ll put a primary process behind what you’re attempting, run through it, review what worked and what didn’t, and then improve it for next time, it gets simpler each time. A … Continue reading Goals – The Fuel for Doing Things