New Month, New Goals

August is one of my favorite months of the year. It brings whispers (or straight up screams- GO DAWGS) of football season, cooler weather, deer and dove season, camping weather, and, most importantly to me, the realization that the 4th Quarter of the year is quickly approaching us. And that I need to take FULL advantage of this month to make sure the rest of … Continue reading New Month, New Goals

Falling off the Horse

I think I have a new Guinness record for the dumbest day ever- I am possibly the only person to break their windshield, lock their keys in the car, and rear end someone all during the same day on all totally separate instances. This was when I knew something was REALLY working against me. It had really just been through about a month of constant … Continue reading Falling off the Horse


Alright, this one is relatively trivial, and most people know how to take notes, right? Unfortunately, no, they don’t. It’s either because they don’t know how or they don’t care to. And either of those are bad. You would be surprised at how many people I take a meeting with, provide coaching to, or help flesh out an idea with that don’t come with a … Continue reading Hey, TAKE NOTE!

80/20 Rule- USE IT!

NO- we aren’t talking about dieting. But as you will see, we could be. As with most of these posts, this one comes from a tool that I use and talk about ad nauseam to my team members and employees so I’m now putting it out for everyone here! It will be quick and dirty, but can legitimately change the way in which you set … Continue reading 80/20 Rule- USE IT!

Sugar Addict Lives Here!

January- SUCCESS. February- FAILURE! March – SUCCESS. April…? I’m choosing success. March was a doozie with some unexpected work changes that lead to a ton of travel, but for the most part, I crushed my goals. The ones I didn’t complete were the ones that really meant the most and woud have taken the most time. So those will move to April. To check up … Continue reading Sugar Addict Lives Here!