Hunter Recruitment Project-Sorinex “Be Legendary” Podcast

A couple of weeks ago, I received a text from my good friend Brandon Lilly regarding an opportunity to be on the Sorinex Podcast and I almost jumped through the phone! Not only do I look up to Brandon and Bert Sorin and the message they stand for, but to have the ability to discuss the Hunter Recruitment Project on such a large platform was surreal. The topics include the Hunter Recruitment Project, how I got into BJJ and the community involved, embracing the struggle, and finding the nuggets throughout life. Again, thanks to you guys for believing in the mission and giving me this opportunity!

With the discussion on the genesis of the Hunter Recruitment Project, we focus on its goal to create New Hunters. We do this through recruitment, reactivation, and retainment during hands-on, experience-based weekends. We provide the success of harvesting a first animal (100% so far), create collisions between amazing people and provide a life-long mentorship between the new hunter and experienced mentors. We understand that there’s an unbelievable amount of information and questions that one needs to understand before being successful in the outdoors and we try to provide the support needed.

In just our first year, the Hunter Recruitment Project has created 18 new hunters, raised over $2,000 for conservation through the purchase of tags, and donated nearly 800 lbs. of meat to help feed those less fortunate. And that was just through two events. Our goal this year is 7 events! Please give us a follow on Social Media and let us know if you’d be interested!

I’m so grateful I had the first call with Brandon nearly a year ago and decided to jump on the idea. We wouldn’t have had near the success without the Sorinex getting behind us and supporting us! Sometimes it just takes a phone call!