2020 Goals


Back in January, as I do almost every year, I sat down and put together my goals for the year. What do I want to accomplish? Where do I want to travel? What skill do I want to develop? I generally have 10-12 of them, so that it’s roughly one for each month. Here they were in January:

  1. Win a medal in a BJJ tournament
  2. Travel to Europe with Amanda – Paris and Spain
  3. Learn French – see goal 2 ha.
  4. Have the best financial year we’ve had in all 4 of our business locations- Increase Gross Rev. by 5%
  5. Climb a mountain – Aconcagua
  6. Renovate two of our Restaurants – Rebrand one of them.
  7. Be in the best physical shape of my life- Matrix of weight, BMI, Body Fat %.
  8. Work out at least 22 days every month.
  9. Buy and Move into a house
  10. Get Health Insurance- As a small business owner, this is ridiculously harder than it should be.
  11. Compete in a distance race of some sort.
  12. Hit our Vida-Flo Charleston Financial goals (obviously more specific, but no airing this info)

So where are we now at the halfway point of the year? With everything going on around me, it’s super easy to get distracted and forget towards what I am working. Am I focusing on my circle of control and controlling what I can? Well, I would say so. If I had to grade myself, I’d say I’m operating at a B-. I have completed 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. That’s almost half of them!

For the remaining goals: 1) I am signed up for my first tournament in August. 2) This one may have to wait, depends on what the Rona decides to do. 3) I have no excuse except just not doing it. I will focus on it this month. 4) There’s no way we will hit this one, but we may be able to have a good financial year considering. Take our new projections from a relative standpoint and make the best of it. 5) Again, with the lack of travel and financial constraints of our current situation, it may not be feasible. 12) We still have our store, so that’s better than many small businesses. We are still fighting and serving our amazing members. We may still hit these goals by the end of the year.

If 2020 has proven nothing else, it has proven that things will never go the way that you intend. Your best-laid plans hardly ever work out exactly as you thought. So we have to have guideposts or goals or outcomes to focus on when times get hard or cray.

Are you working or are you dreaming?

What do you want in your life? No, what do you REALLY want? Are you working towards that? Or are you just saying you want it? Many people say they want to be a famous movie actor, but they don’t really want it. They don’t wish for the 80-hour workweek for years, starving and living on friends’ couches trying to get to the next audition, taking on super shitty roles while building a resume, and trying to get a level up on their parts. They don’t really want it.

Do you really want it? Do you want to accomplish your goals? Then stop WASTING TIME! Write them down and create actionable steps to achieve them. Goals without plans are just dreams! When you hit a roadblock, bust through it. If you can’t bust through it, then take the long way around. Work 100 hours instead of 80 hours.

Who has 6 goals they will accomplish by the end of the year? Could you share them with me? If you don’t share them with me, then share them with your friends. PUT THEM OUT INTO THE WORLD. It’s so strange how when we put our goals into the universe, the universe usually responds.

Go to GROW!