Good News Roundup Vol. 1 -4/17/2020

If any of you are friends with me on the Facebooks, you’ll know that I’ve been posting positive posts during this crazy time of the Q’Tine! It’s INCREDIBLY easy to get sucked into the news like dog hair in a dyson vacuum. Trust me, I am as guilty as anyone… I order to keep myself from running down that hole of mostly false narratives, straw man arguemtns, policital posturing and general nonsense, I just use Twitter for my news. And on top of that, I’m constantly seeking out positive news.

Before we get into this.. story number one is that it’s my Mother’s Birthday! Happy Birthday, Momma. I love you!

So, each week, I’ll publish 5 heart-warming news stories to hopefully bring some shining light during this weird time.

1 | Many Animal Shelters are at an All-Time low! For the first time in its history, a South Florida animal shelter’s kennels are completely empty after every dog was adopted ❤ 

2 | Jeremy Tuck created a hibachi dinner show in honor of his son’s birthday. Let’s go everyone, get creative!

3 | Mikayla DaPonte always dreamed of going all out for her the big 2-1 by celebrating at Foxwoods casino but amid coronavirus her plans were put on pause. The woman’s friends and family surprised her on what would have been her 21st birthday with an epic car parade.

4 | Holy Smokes- This is just incredible!

5 | Mother is able to see her child for the first time after being in Corona Coma.

And that’s all folks… for this week. Remember, feed yourself with positivity. Don’t have a false sense about reality, but look for the positive nuggets in life because they are everywhere.

Go, Do, & GROW