#30for30in2020 still going…

30 days working out in a row in January. It’s pretty simple. Move your body. Run, lift, BJJ, Sauna, Yoga, crossfit, bike, etc. Anything that you can and want to do, just move. For 30 days straight.

This is the second year in a row that I have done it, and it didn’t come any easier. Which is kind of strange because I actually put a LOT of effort into my fitness in December to prepare (I didn’t last year and almost died), but it didn’t help. In fact, it was way worse. I got sick, hurt my back, traveled more than I anticipated, and had every excuse in the world not to push through.

BUT I did, thankfully. It’s those times of exhaustion, pain, frustration, and “not enough time” that define what we’re capable of. The discipline took (read: STRENUOUSLY tested) to complete the goal this year has already proven to complement other areas in my life. I’ve eaten WAY better. I am sleeping more and with higher quality. I am creating more top quality work (I think). And I am doing the little things- mediating, cold plunge/shower, journal, quality connection time with others.

So, Let’s build on it.

How about extending it to every day this month too. Hell, maybe the rest of the year! Now, what can I add in February? How about something that compliments this and will make everything else better too?

Drink a gallon of water a day. That’s it!

Proper hydration is KEY to most bodily functions, primarily how your brain and muscles work. Dehydration can cause brain fog. It can also cause you to be sluggish (constipated) and lower your energy levels. Staying hydrated helps your body temperature regulation, detoxify itself, and keep your joints lubricated.

So, cheers, I guess, to February!