# 1 Human Fear is Public Speaking

Remember back at the beginning of the year when one of my goals was to take a public speaking class? Neither do I! But seriously… I DID NOT hit that goal. And why didn’t I? Because it’s possibly one of the most frightening things on the planet to me. I have no idea why, but the thought of standing in front of people and talking scares the daylights out of me. Obviously, I am not alone, but I’ve sung/played guitar, acted, and been on stage several times for different reasons, yet it TERRIFIES me.

So, to “hit” my goal, I somewhat cheated and took an online public speaking class a couple of months ago. Yea, I know. It really doesn’t count. So when Trey Humphries asked me last week if I would speak at the Exchange Forum Entrepreneur Speaker Series, I started to think of EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE way to not do this. But I knew deep down that if I really want to continue to try and make a positive impact on people’s lives, this is just part of it. So, here we go!

With every fiber in my body screaming for me to say no, I calmly respond, “I’m in. Now what?” After sending over some basic information and a picture, here we are!

Special Guest Jamey Shirah
Serial Entrepreneur & Outdoorsman
Please join us as we welcome Jamey Shirah to The Exchange Monthly Entrepreneur Speaker Series. Trey Humphreys will interview Jamey and will cover a wide range of topics including taking action, overcoming failure, and following your passion. Join us on October 18th to learn from Jamey how to overcome resistance to taking action.

7:30 am – Coffee and Networking

8:00 am – Interview with Jamey

So yea, here we are! I hope to see anyone and everyone there! More information below!

Ticket available here: The Exchange Forum Monthly Entrepreneur Speaker Series

Also, RSVP on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/628486594351452/

Hope to see you there!