It’s October? Whoa!

I honestly can’t believe we’re already at Q4. This post comes (two days) a day late and a dollar short, per usual!

It’s SPOOKY SZN! I love a New MONTH! It creates a perfect time roughly every 30 days that I can take a step back, analyze my life, see what’s working, and make the necessary changes to track on all of my goals.

This time of year is always incredibly hectic for me, so I love the fact that the day before October started was a Monday. Again, the perfect time to take a look at my last week and see if I’m tracking properly.

Monthly Goals

I always try and have a couple of Monthly Goals, but it seems that I have been doing it wrong up to this point. I have been doing it solo. I set my own goals and accomplish them (mostly) by myself. But that sounds really boring, right?

You’re right. It is. So this month I challenged some others to follow along this month’s goal. And actually had a couple of additional people come on board! Whoever wins, gets $500. Spice it up, live a little!

The Goals

  • No White Food!- no bread, beer, buns, tortillas (unless corn), etc. Except White Rice and potatos… I feel like it’s still kinda good. Meats and Veggies- Keep it clean! This one will be measured by honesty.
  • MEPs Gained-  MEPs is an acronym for MYZONE Effort Points, and it’s the metric by which everything is measured in the fitness tracking system. This level the playing field no matter what shape you are in because the points are based on your output, not just calories burned. Purchase Here and joing along with us! The interactive and easy-to-use app make it a game changer.
  • Journaling every day- lenght or time spend doesn’t really matter, it’s just about creating the habit.
  • Meditating every day- Using the Calm app, I hit one 5-20 minute mediation depending on the time I have in my day!
  • Sleeping 8 hours- Pillow app tracks my sleep automatically and I can see the quality of the sleep and the zones of awake, light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep.

These are the precursors to being able to feel my best, so why not make them a monthly challenge. If anyone wants to join, please let me know and I’ll add you in! Order the myzone 3 belt above and we’ll all compete!

May the odds ever be in your favor!