Lessons of OUT THERE – Lesson 1

Three Sundays ago I was in a Cessna 185 mid-flight between the Eberlestock OUT THERE 2019 event and Boise. Looking out of the window into the vast expanse of the Northern Idaho Wilderness, you can’t help but feel a grand sense of awe. A feeling that there’s something much more significant than you taking care of it all. With the buzz of the engine slowly luring me into deep thought, I couldn’t help but mentally walk through all of the amazing times we had. The coaches, teacher, speakers, and overall experience was truly special.

Lesson 1 | Glen Eberle- Servant’s Heart

Glen Eberle, the founder of Eberlestock and a legitimate Jack of ALL trades, is a one-of-a-kind maverick. He is an Olympic Biathlete, Commercial/Armed Forces Pilot (A10 warthog), Mountain Goat, Pack Enthusiast/Creator/Pioneer, master inventor, and all-around American Badass. So yea, he can do pretty much anything you put in front of him. During the first night he talked about having a servant’s heart among many other powerful things. This jumped right up and bit me in the face as it’s something we preach non-stop in our restaurants and he communicated it almost exactly as we do. He’d just invited some 35 odd strangers into his home and onto his land without any reservations.

What does this mean? It means giving and helping for the sake of helping and giving, not for the purpose or hopes of getting something in return. No matter what the other person’s situation, status, or potential for reciprocation, you jump in and help. Do what you can and hope that it genuinely helps that person become better. I genuinely believe that the more good you put out, the more you get in return. It won’t be immediate, usually, but it will come back; often when you REALLY need it.

It also means you are aware of the needs of others around you. In any business or relationship, being proactive in feeding the needs of those around you will put you heads and shoulders above the rest. In a company that creates products like Eberlestock does, knowing what the customer wants before they do can be the difference in first-to-market products. Are you aware of the needs of your customers/girlfriends/brothers/sisters/mothers/etc.? I guarantee that if you take the time to listen, you will figure it out rather quickly.

Building a company with a Servant’s Heart has done well for the guys at Eberlestock. Glen has done an INCREDIBLE job ensuring this mission or ethos lives in each of his employees, and therefore, the brand itself. As a consumer, you know that you will be taken care of, and it makes you want to be a part of it.

If you are looking for a pack or some badass gear, look no further. This stuff is LEGIT.