As a new month (and quarter) is upon us, it’s a perfect time to start something new or to breathe new life into something you’ve already begun. This month, I am continuing on my journey to get back to the basics. I always feel that July and August, a time when most people are taking vacations and traveling, are a GREAT time to double down on your efforts to continue to get one step ahead.

After my April monthly goal to run the Music City Half marathon in under 10:00 minute miles was up (and I succeeded at 9:30 ish), I just fell flat. I wasn’t planning and preparing for the following month. So a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about falling off the horse and the myriad of things I’d just stopped doing for no apparent reason. Things that got me where I needed to be in my life. One of those major ones was monthly goals. I’ve always had them, but haven’t always conquered them. The journey of those goals is equally as important as the goal itself. Remove the distractions and focus on getting better every day.

So, here’s my July goals!

  • Workout/Move my body 6x per week for a total of 27 workouts in July.
  • Finish my P2 paragliding license. I need 5 more flights plus a test.
  • The !!!WORST!!! – WAKE UP AT 6am every week day!

Sharing your goals gives you a much higher chance at succeeding them. They say it takes a village, so I need my village to hold my butt accountable. This village is a great way to refine your goals and for them to help hold you accountable.

Text me, call me, make sure I am holding myself accountable to these goals! If you would like for me to do the same for you, reach out! I’d love to help. What’re you waiting for? Take that step!

Go, Do & Grow!