My Tools of Trade

To better help you all be more efficient in getting things done, I have listed below many of the resources I use. These are in no particular order and I slimmed it down to just the things I use EVERY DAY! I will make some additional lists for things I use that are topic specific. Enjoy!

  • Google– Yep, plain ‘ol google. I would hate to know how many googles I perform every day, but it’s gotta be in the hundreds. Google Image Search is also awesome if you see something you love and want to find where to buy it. Never in history has there been such easy access to SO. MUCH. INFO! When someone asks me a question nowadays:
  • Youtube– If you’re a visual learner, like me, youtube is 100% the way to go. I just youtube mostly for Brazillian Jiujitsu as a way to really see moves in action. I am a visual and auditory learner, so this combines the two and massively accelerates my learning curve.
  • Moleskin Note Pads– the best notepads IMO. I like the look, feel and durability
  • Uni-Ball Vision Pens– I freaking love these things. #besttheymake
  • Spotify– to elicit a deep focus, I choose one of the playlists in the “focus” genre (check this one out!). It really helps me block out anything else and focus on the task at hand.
  • Audible– for “reading” when I can’t hold a book. I love reading. I read several books a month (goal is 3/month this year), and this makes my long road trips, flights, runs, etc. MUCH more enjoyable! Pro Tip: you have to purchase your books on Amazon using the audible options. It will then show up in your audible account. This is legit the only thing Amazon doesn’t do flawlessly… come on Bezos.
  • Evernote– Note taking/sharing. This app rules. I put a majority of the stuff I want to share with others for work in this app. It’s a way for multiple people to collaborate on a single note.
  • Calm– mediations and sleep stories. The benefits of mediation are pretty insane- 4X creativity, 3x productivity, 3x happiness, etc. There’s no limit; read here: 20 Scientific Reasons to Start Meditating
  • Journaling– Einstein, Edison, Davinci, Lewis and Clark and other notable visionaries meticulously journaled. I try and journal every day. I usually start with 3 gratitude entries, followed by how I feel from yesterday follow by how I feel about today. Read this awesome blog post about journaling: Journaling.
  • Coffee– not just any coffee- Black Rifle Coffee – delivered to my door every two weeks after freshly being roasted through their “Coffee Club” makes a HUGE difference in color and taste. The difference is INSANE! Benefits of consumption include lower risk of certain diseases, increased athletic and mental performance, healthier eyes and fewer CAVITIES!
  • Grammarly- just started this one TBH and don’t really know how much it helps beyond standard spellcheck. Microsoft word has gotten pretty good at grammar corrections.
  • Molk / Discipline¬†/ Joint Warfare: from Jocko Willink– AN ALL AROUND BADASS. You should learn a thing or two from him.
  • Wellness formula– you can find this at your local Whole Foods. When you work out hard, you need to take a supplement. If I feel an oncoming cold or just feel down on energy, I pop three of these 2x/day for 3-4 and usually feel much better.
  • Apple Watch– I received this for Christmas and wanted it mostly for tracking sleep and workouts. An added benefit is that I have decreased my screen time by almost 6 hours/week. It keeps me from wandering from that text message I responded to into an Instagram hole for an hour.
  • Podcasts– Do you have an author, business person, leader, etc. that you want to follow? Check and see if they have a podcast. I love podcasts because it gives you a deeper look into their personality. They can’t hide behind an editor or a speechwriter.

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